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Social Media Ads

If you're not advertising on social media, you are missing out on huge potential for your brand. And I will say this now, you do NOT need a huge budget to reap the benefits (see Browns case study below)

From interest-based targeting to reach the right audience, to pixel tracking and retargeting for conversions, or even just a basic awareness ad to get your brand out there. The results that come from advertising out-weigh just doing organic alone.

However, it's scary to throw money at something if you don't know what you're doing, or if you're doing it right. And that's where I can support you!


You might have some knowledge of how to operate Ads Manager and set up a basic ad, but want to discuss best practices, tips, target audiences, Facebook pixel or even just brainstorm. After the call you will go away feeling confident in setting up and running your own ads.


 If you want more than just awareness, this is for you. My paid strategy includes different target audience interests, using the pixel for  tracking and retargeting, setting up custom audiences and different messaging/creative for each stage of the marketing funnel.


Business Manager & Pixel Set Up

Current Ads Audit

One-off Ad Set Up & Monitoring

Ad Creative Ideas & Design

On-going Ads Management 



We will chat about your business, who your target audience is and what your goals are. I then put together a plan to reach those goals through targeting, creative and messaging.


With a plan ready, I will come up with ideas for and design all creative sized correctly for each ad placement, with copy and CTAs. This will include different versions for any desired a/b testing.


With all creative and copy ready, I will set up the ads and run tests where necessary e.g. to see which creative might perform best for a certain message, or which audience will respond better.


When the ads are running, I monitor the results daily, making changes where necessary. When tests are finished, I analyse the results to create best-performing ads.

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