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Organic Social Media

Organic social media can be a minefield to navigate and succeed.


With constant algorithm changes, new updates like reels and stickers, the need to post consistently good content that will get shared, saved, commented on, in different formats... there's no surprise it can be overwhelming for any business owner. But it is a crucial part of marketing any business today.

I offer a list of services to help you, whether it's full social media management or just support and guidance :) I also highly recommend including paid advertising.


If you feel in a bit of a rut and just need some advice or the perspective of a professional, this is for you. My aim for the call is for you to leave with a fresh understanding and new ideas of where to take your social media.


My full social media strategy will cover: goals & objectives, current channel audit, competitor analysis, target audience research, channels and content pillars, channel tips and best practices, top line content ideas/examples.


Content Ideas

Content Planning & Copywriting

Content Creation

Reporting and Analytics

Influencer Marketing

Full Channel Management

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With all the information about your business and your goals, I will put together an in-depth social media strategy. This will be reviewed with you, and tweaked where necessary. You then own this document, with tips to help you along the way.


With the strategy ready, it's time to get creative. Following the research, I will come up with specific content ideas for the upcoming month/quarter. Once signed off**, I will design all of the content for the appropriate social media channels.


I will then put all the content into a content plan, with date, time, channel, creative and copy.

Once you have signed this off**, I will schedule all content and manage the channels if you desire.


Monthly or quarterly (your choice), I will analyse all content to see what performed well, which times performed best, what content might be missing and look at competitors. These results will then feed into the next set of content ideas.

*This is the process for full service on a retained basis. I also offer every service individually, say for example you only want content ideas or social copywriting.

**You don't have to sign anything off if you are happy for me to just crack on, then I'm more than happy to do so!

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